3 Days In Vienna, Austria

Whether it's your first trip to the Austrian capital or you've visited this beautiful city before, this guide will make your next trip to Vienna unforgettable.

Are you planning your next trip to Vienna, the capital of Austria, and looking for the best sights and things to do in Vienna? Here you will find our suggestion for an amazing 3 days in Vienna trip ! We show you what you can experience in two, three or more days and which attractions you should not miss. In addition, there are many travel tips, we reveal the most beautiful places of the city as well as tips that certainly not everyone knows!

In this travel guide we will share the ultimate 3 days in Vienna for an unforgettable trip to the city and also show you the best attractions during your stay in this wonderful Austrian city.

Tip: Vienna is the city of unforgettable experiences! A classical concert evening, a visit to the market with a tasting, a tour or a cooking class are just a few of the nice things you can also find on the Internet and book!

If you are in Vienna for 3 days, then it is definitely worth buying a 72-hour ticket for the Wiener Linien . This ticket is valid on all trams, buses and subways in Vienna and easily takes you to the most popular sights of the city.

Did you know that Vienna is only 45 minutes from Bratislava and easily accessible by boat or train? Therefore, many people combine their trip to Vienna with a tour of Bratislava’s most beautiful sights.

Vienna –  Day 1

Begin your trip to Vienna by exploring the beautiful Belvedere Palace and its magnificent Baroque gardens. At first, walk from the Upper Belvedere to the Lower Belvedere and enjoy the extraordinary beautiful scenery. We loved the colourful flower gardens and the swimming pool in front of the palace. Although the Belvedere is one of the most impressive palaces in Vienna , in the morning you will have the whole place to yourself, without the crowds. In case you are an art lover, you should definitely consider a visit to the Belvedere museums as well.

Tip : Right next door is the “Stöckl im Park”, a fantastic restaurant with great Viennese taste and delicious schnitzel.

At the beginning of lunch we recommend a visit to Vienna’s most popular market, the Naschmarkt , which is a short walk from Karlsplatz. Make a stop at St. Charles Church , an impressive religious building. Not only in summer, but also in winter, Karlsplatz is really worth a visit and especially in the Christmas season when a traditional Christmas market takes place in front of the church.

Austria Top Attractions, 3 Days In Vienna Austria

Without a doubt, the Naschmarkt is one of the most beautiful lunch spots in Vienna and a popular meeting point for young and old alike. In general, the market has about 120 stands and restaurants, selling exotic products and delicacies from all over the world.

The Ringstrasse is a 5.3-kilometre-long street that surrounds the city centre of Vienna. On this street, you will see some of the most remarkable and impressive buildings of the city. The most notable sights are the Parliament , the City Hall , the Imperial Palace (Hofburg) and the Burgtheater . A great option is to navigate the Ringstrasse with the tourist Ring Tram or you can also take the city’s public tram (Nr.1 & Nr. 2) .

If you have some time left, we recommend a visit inside the glorious Burgtheater . You can visit this theatre without seeing a performance by taking a guided tour. There you will learn a lot about the fascinating history of the Burgtheater and get a glimpse backstage. At the top you will see the stunningly beautiful, grand staircase and the famous ceiling paintings of Gustav Klimt .

In the evening we complete our first day of sightseeing with a visit to Vienna’s amusement park Prater . Why not dine at the Schweizerhaus restaurant to try some traditional Austrian food . It is famous for serving the best schnitzel in Vienna !

To enter the Wiener Prater you will not need to pay any entrance fee, you just need to pay for the attractions you would like to see and do. You will love exploring the nostalgic Prater with its unique atmosphere. A ride on the Giant Ferries Wheel is highly recommended as it’s the landmark of Vienna!

Austria Top Attractions, 3 Days In Vienna Austria

Vienna Day 2

A trip to Vienna would not be complete without visiting one of the numerous museums. In fact, we loved visiting the Natural History Museum. The huge museum displays over 30 million objects and we were blown away by its size. Also, the Museum of Art History located across the street is well worth checking out. Absolutely interesting is the Museums Quartier , which spans 90,000 m2 that includes 60 cultural institutions.

If you are there, take the opportunity to see inside the Palace of Justice ! Step inside and you will find yourself in one of the most impressive locations you will find in Vienna. The grand staircase dominates the huge hall and the imposing interior will take your breath away! Most people don’t know that the building is open to the public and the entrance is free of charge.

After spending the morning inside a museum, you should set off to see the world-famous Lipizzaner horses. Just rest on the baroque square and watch the traditional Viennese Fiaker go by. The visit to the Lipizzaner’s white show was simply wonderful. It was so interesting to watch the riding to the accompaniment of classical music. Good to know: This noble horse and the traditional stallions can be seen for free, just check out Reitschulgasse 2.

Another must-do in Vienna is a visit to an authentic Viennese café. You will find many of them in the old town of Vienna. The traditional Viennese café is a typical Viennese institution that plays an important role in Viennese culture. Take a break, enjoy a delicious coffee ” Melange “ and soak up this elegant and very specific atmosphere. Don’t forget the classic Viennese chocolate! The best and the most authentic you will find it in the world-famous confectionery of Sacher Torte!!!

Later, we recommend taking a look inside the Austrian National Library , in the State Hall. The imposing baroque hall really impressed us! Over 200,000 volumes are on display and four picturesque Venetian baroque baroque globes adorn the old library.

Austria Top Attractions, 3 Days In Vienna Austria

The most amazing for us was the visit to the Imperial Crypt also called Capuchin Cryp . This place contains the bodies of the Habsburg rulers: 149 Habsburgs, including 12 emperors as well as 19 empresses and queens, find their resting place in the crypt. Popular examples include Franz Joseph I, Empress Elizabeth and Crown Prince Rudolf, and visitors can observe their magnificent independent tombs.

Don’t leave the city without window shopping on Vienna’s most shopping streets Graben , Kohlmarkt and Kärntnerstraße! Even if you don’t like shopping, walk down Graben Street to St. Stephen’s Cathedral . With its beautiful architecture like the Peterskirche , the short walk is really enjoyable.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one of Vienna’s main attractions and is worth visiting both inside and outside. But also recommended is the view from the top of the cathedral. You will have the best view of Vienna at the north tower (Pummerin) .

As several of the main attractions are located along the Ringstrasse, for example the Opera House and the Burggarten . Take a break at the lovely Palmenhouse in the Burggarten and enjoy the picturesque scenery. Once the sun has set, check out the Opera House: At night the Opera House is stunningly illuminated and looks gorgeous!

Austria Top Attractions, 3 Days In Vienna Austria

Vienna Day 3

After breakfast, departure for Schönbrunn Palace ! Because it is Austria’s most visited tourist attraction, you should be there early. For this in the morning you will find a calm and peaceful location. Take a stroll through the magnificent Schönbrunn Gardens and breathe in the grand imperial atmosphere. Also, don’t miss the walk up to the Gloriette and be rewarded with one of the most breathtaking views of Vienna. Take some time to explore the Schönbrunn Palace. We were amazed at all the quaint smaller gardens, fountains and statues.

There is even a Palmenhaus and the world’s oldest zoo , the Schönbrunn Zoo, to explore. The whole area is part of the imperial summer residence and is even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site . The palace itself is huge, with a total of 1,441 rooms. You can visit some parts of the castle and exhibitions.

If you are interested in exceptional architecture, you should definitely go and see the popular Hundertwasserhouse . This architectural masterpiece was designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser and built between 1983 – 1985. You should know that The Hundertwasserhouse can only be seen from the outside, but the exterior facade draws attention and gives a fantastic photo motif.

Vienna, Austria…! An amazing European Capital City!

Austria Top Attractions, 3 Days In Vienna Austria
Austria Top Attractions, 3 Days In Vienna Austria

Where to Stay in Vienna

There is a huge range of great accommodation in Vienna. From cheap backpacker hostels, to holiday apartments, to boutique hotels or luxury hotels, there is something for all budgets. If you are still looking for a place to stay in Vienna, then we can give you these accommodation tips … worth checking out !

  • Backpacker Hostel : Vienna Boutique Hostel not only is the unique interior inspiring, but the location in one of Vienna’s trendy districts is also unique!
  • Apartments : The Apartments of JOYN Vienna convince with modern furnishings, good equipment and a fantastic location at the central station.
  • 3 Stars Hotel : The Motel One Wien-Staatsoper is the top choice for affordable yet stylish accommodation in the heart of Vienna.
  • 4 Stars Hotel : Very beautiful is the Altstadt Vienna Hotel , a boutique hotel with uniquely designed rooms, very good breakfast and afternoon snacks.
Austria Top Attractions, 3 Days In Vienna Austria
Austria Top Attractions, 3 Days In Vienna Austria
Austria Top Attractions, 3 Days In Vienna Austria Map

Conclusion : Vienna is a city of indescribable beauty! Three days in Vienna may never be enough, but you will certainly have time to see many of the top sights of this wonderful city in Europe! Museums, palaces, shopping, art, food and entertainment are all there! Within walking distances using public transport you won’t have any trouble at all!!


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