Auschwitz “The Sad Journey”, Poland

When visiting Poland and more specifically the city of Krakow, you should include a day trip to Auschwitz !

When visiting Poland and more specifically the city of Krakow, you should include a day trip to Auschwitz ! This is the concentration and extermination camp of the Jews by the German Nazis ! Your first impression will be the inscription at the entrance of the camp, which is still preserved today. “Arbeit macht frei” is the title written and translated as “Work Set You Free” !

1.5 million Jews lost their lives after being tortured and breathing their last breath in gas chambers. It is a fact that when you visit there, you will feel sadness as it is very likely that images from various movies that have been made will come to your mind and you will feel as if you are living the “hell” that those people lived through.

Most people know that the camp was a ! But the German Nazis were not satisfied with its size and decided to build two more camps, Auschwitz II – Birkenau, which was 20 times bigger and was basically created to exterminate the Jews and Auschwitz III – Monovitch, which was a forced labor camp.

* The temperature in winter drops quite low, which means that the prisoners lived in conditions below 20 degrees Celsius ! Of course there was no proper clothing for them either !

Nazi Auschwitz Camp, Krakow Poland

During your visit, you will see the “houses” where the prisoners lived. One house of 50 people, but 400 were living there. Immediately afterwards you will see their belongings. Hundreds of suitcases with their names written on them, clothes, shoes, and the creepiest thing of all, tons of human hair, as the prisoners had their heads shaved as soon as they got here.

Millions of tourists visit the dark hall, which is built half underground. There, prisoners would enter naked by the hundreds to be washed. At least that’s how they were fooled. As the doors were closed, Zyklon b gas was injected into the room and within 20 minutes they were all ‘done’. Then it was the turn of the ‘ovens’, or crematoria, where the German Nazis would wipe out every trace.

* Doctor Josef Mengele, the ‘Angel of Death of Auschwitz’, was the main person responsible for the atrocities that took place there.
Nazi Auschwitz Camp, Krakow Poland
Nazi Auschwitz Camp, Krakow Poland

Auschwitz, Poland… The hell place of Nazi…

At Auschwitz II – Birkenau, people arrived by train and as soon as they left the wagon, 90% of them were taken directly to the gas chambers. Very few survived this hellhole !

The Germans shortly before the liberation of the camp, caught up and blew up the crematoria, the gas chambers, and some of the buildings, but a large piece remains there as a reminder of the horrors that took place.

The place is littered with the ashes of people who died unjustly, not even knowing where they were going or what they were doing. Women, children, old people, men, were reduced to ashes and then used as fertilizer or thrown into artificial lakes created by the Germans inside the camp.

Auschwitz must have been built in two nights, with no infrastructure, no water, no electricity. The people lived in worse conditions than even the animals and most of them died of disease, starvation and from the cold in winter or heat in summer.

*January 27 has been established as the International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Holocaust. This date was chosen because on 27/01/1945 Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest concentration and extermination camp of the Nazi regime.

Nazi Auschwitz Camp, Krakow Poland

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