Best Time To Visit Bangkok, Thailand

If you stay in Bangkok for the duration of your holiday in Thailand, you can basically choose between three seasons: the warm season, the rainy season and the cool season.

Bangkok’s weather is tropical all year round, which translates into long, hot days regardless of the time of year. If you want to encounter average and tolerable temperatures ( 20 – 30 degrees) then November and December are the best time to visit Bangkok, in terms of weather. The heavy monsoon rains decrease in early November and the crowds of tourists do not reach excessive numbers until late December.

If your plan is to head south to the islands after a stopover in Bangkok, arriving between November and April guarantees the best conditions. In Bangkok, where everything is air-conditioned and many of the attractions are at least partly indoors, there is no such thing as “the worst time to visit”. For example, arriving in the wetter months may seem inconvenient, but it guarantees shorter lines at the main attractions and lower prices almost everywhere.

Hot Season (March to June): the hot season, which runs from April to June, is a time when people are not so crowded. You won’t see much rain. And prices, while not the lowest, are still affordable. The downside, of course, is that Bangkok gets very hot during this time, with temperatures regularly reaching 40 degrees Celsius. Sunglasses, sunscreen and a hotel with a swimming pool are essential during this season.

Rainy season (June/July to October): In Bangkok, monsoon rains arrive as early as May, but the heaviest rains are usually in September , when sometimes parts of the city are flooded and the humidity index soars. The monsoon rains are usually in the form of short afternoon showers, rather than continuous rainfall, so it’s still very possible to explore the city for most of the day, with small drenchings you’ll need to find a… shelter for a few hours until the shower passes!

Cool Season (November to February): the cool season is also Thailand’s HIGH SEASON , which means that prices rise, hotels become full and reservations are made and tourists fill the city. Don’t let the word “cool” fool you, however – daytime temperatures can even reach 30 degrees , but mornings and evenings are more comfortable and the cool breeze by the Chao Praya riverbank is really pleasant for walks. In fact, this is the best time for night shopping, street food tasting and discovering Bangkok’s colonial heritage.

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Cheapest Time to Visit Bangkok

Bangkok’s LOW SEASON is slightly different from the rest of the country (especially the islands in the south). As a general rule, the months between May and October are the best for budget travelers heading straight to the Thai capital. These are Bangkok’s hottest and rainiest months , which means crowds thin out and prices drop. The high tourist season starts in November, so if you book a visit in late October, you’ll get similar weather at much better prices.

Visiting in the cheapest period offers additional benefits – not only do hotels and airlines offer the best deals during these months , but the fewer crowds mean more space to explore Bangkok’s main attractions, such as the Grand Palace, without encountering thousands of other tourists. Low season is also the best time to go shopping in Bangkok, as the biggest sales take place between June and August.
Bangkok Festivals, Top Attractions and Festivals in Thailand
Bangkok Festivals, Top Attractions and Festivals in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand…! Best time to visit…!

Bangkok Festivals, Top Attractions and Festivals in Thailand

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