Traditional Bulgarian Cuisine, Bulgaria

In Bulgarian cuisine, we will find many similarities with Greek dishes!

Most of the dishes are cooked in the oven and the pot ! During our visit, we tried various dishes in traditional restaurants in Sofia and below we recommend the best off !

Bulgarian Food Traditional Cuisine From Bulgaria

Sirene po Shopski

It is a local white cheese, the combination of which with eggs, chillies, tomatoes and peppers creates a delicious dish.

Shopska salad

Perhaps one of the most typical Bulgarian dishes. It is the first dish tourists choose to try. This salad is made with tomato, cucumber and onion, but what makes it special is a Bulgarian pickled cheese rubbed on top. The combination of ingredients and the simple olive oil and vinegar dressing make this salad unique.

Bulgarian Food Traditional Cuisine From Bulgaria


Tarator is a Bulgarian cold cucumber soup, combined with yoghurt, walnuts and dill. It does not need to be boiled and is commonly eaten in the hot summer months. Many people make this soup quite thick and serve it as a dip.

Panagyurski Eggs

This dish is named after the small historic town of Panagyurishte, where the recipe originated. It is actually poached eggs with yoghurt, tomato sauce and a little garlic. One of the easiest recipes you can find in Bulgaria !

Bulgarian Food Traditional Cuisine From Bulgaria

“Bulgarian Food”

Shkembe Chorba

If you want the equivalent of Greek “patsa”, then you should choose this dish. Its ingredients include a lot of garlic, vinegar and chili. You will have a hard time finding the right place to try it. It is usually served after a drink and a late night.


Lukanka is a Bulgarian salami, made from pork, beef and spices in beef intestine. It is one of the most delicious cold meats and is served as a snack with wine.

Bulgarian Food Traditional Cuisine From Bulgaria
Bulgarian Food Traditional Cuisine From Bulgaria

Bulgarian Traditional Cousine…!


The most delicious traditional cheese pie, with eggs and sirene cheese. It is handmade and accompanied with boza, a thick, sweet, brown drink, which suits it perfectly !

Stuffed peppers

The difference between the Greek dish and this one is that in Bulgaria, they use colourful peppers. They are filled with rice, and sometimes contain nuts or minced meat. You can also find them stuffed with cheese and covered with a béchamel. You will ask for this as a biurek.


Είναι η βουλγαρική εκδοχή των donuts. Πρόκειται για τηγανητή ζύμη, που σερβίρεται με άχνη, μαρμελάδα, μέλι ή τυρί sirene. Συνηθίζεται ως πρωϊνό γεύμα !

Finally, with every meal, a glass of wine is a must as Bulgaria is one of the world’s emerging wine producing powers!

See HERE  a list with our recommended restaurants in Sofia !

Bulgarian Food Traditional Cuisine From Bulgaria

“Bulgarian Food”

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