12 Best Beaches In Cyprus

To help you choose, take a look at our list of the best beaches in Cyprus.

Cyprus Beaches

Every summer, holidaymakers arrive to enjoy the Mediterranean seaside life that Cyprus Beaches offers. The main seaside towns of Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca are all adorned with large beaches, which many visitors visit for days of sunbathing and swimming.

The popular beaches near the main areas have full facilities and many water sports on offer, making them a great choice for both relaxing beach days and active pursuits.

For a completely different beach experience in Cyprus, don’t miss the island’s wild beaches, which have been deliberately kept undeveloped and are home to endemic populations of green turtles and Mediterranean loggerhead and loggerhead turtles.

Best Beach In Cyprus, Cyprus Top Beaches

Nissi Beach

Possibly the most beautiful beach in Cyprus and one of the island’s major tourist attractions, Nissi beach is a sheltered bay surrounded by soft white sand surrounding shallow turquoise waters. It is located three kilometres west of the resort of Ayia Napa.

Right on the open sea, the steep islet of Nisi dominates the sea view and is connected to the mainland by a sandy beach. The waters are so shallow in the bay that beach patrons can easily walk to the islet, even when part of the sandy beach is submerged.

 Nissi beach is one of the most popular sandy strips of the island and during the summer months, it is regularly filled with sun lovers from Ayia Napa and Larnaca.

During the tourist season, this is not the place to spend a quiet day. Throughout the sunny summer months, Nissi Beach is known for its live music events, so it is particularly popular with younger visitors to the beach.

With a coastline full of bustling cafes and restaurants, sunbeds and umbrellas for hire, water sports operators, lifeguards and showers, all facilities are available for a day of swimming and relaxing on the beach.

Lara Beach

If you are looking for a beach away from the organized resort-style coastline near the main towns, Lara beach is one of the best places to visit. This beach is a protected nature reserve located on the wild Akamas peninsula in the west of the island, 27km north of Paphos.

Lara Beach is a natural habitat for Mediterranean green turtles and loggerhead turtles, both of which nest here. Parts of the beach are fenced off to protect the turtles’ nesting sites. No chairs or sun loungers are allowed on the beach and access is by dirt road only. Many people visit Lara beach as part of an organised group tour from Paphos, or by hiking or cycling.

There are no restaurant or café facilities on the beach, so prepare a picnic to take with you.

Best Beach In Cyprus, Cyprus Top Beaches

Gold Coast

Following the edge of the Karpas peninsula to the north of the island, the Golden Coast (also known as Nangomi Bay) is the most beautiful, untouched coast of the island. The soft, golden sand here rolls along the coast for several kilometres, just before the tip of the peninsula and the easternmost point of the island.

It is beloved by nature lovers for its stunning, wild environment. The sand is surrounded by gentle grass dunes where the wild donkeys of the peninsula can be spotted. Because it is a nesting site for loggerhead turtles, the beach is part of a national park and parts are fenced off to protect the turtle hatching sites.

There are a few good restaurants on the rocks at the main beach access points, but there are no other facilities, so bring all your beach essentials. Note that the Gold Coast is a long way from any of the main towns on the island and you will need your own transport to get here. It’s in northern Cyprus, so you’ll need your passport to cross the Green Line. A handful of small boutique hotels and guesthouses in the villages of the Karpas peninsula offer accommodation for a nature-filled, tranquil stay.

Beach of Aphrodite

Visiting here is not really about a day at the beach. It’s more about taking in the island’s most famous seascape. Just off the beach are the jagged rock formations of the Romio’s Stone (known in English as Aphrodite’s Rock). According to local legend, this is where the Greek goddess Aphrodite first emerged from the sea.

The beach itself is a tiny horseshoe-shaped bay of sand and pebbles that is a good spot for swimming. The location, 26km southeast of Paphos and 45km west of Limassol, makes it an excellent stopping point on the scenic coastal route between the cities. Aphrodite beach is particularly popular for sunset photos , so you’ll find the beach and the rocky point above, very crowded at that time of day.

Konnos Beach

The sheltered cove of the beach of Konnos, surrounded by a rocky pine forest, is located at the edge of the National Park of Cape Greco, just five kilometres south of the resort of Protaras. The soft white sand here makes Konnos a top destination for a full day dedicated to the beach.

Refreshments and full meals are available in the cliff-top restaurant, which is accessible by a staircase from the beach, with panoramic views of the coast below and out to the Mediterranean. During the summer, this small beach is a family favorite due to its shallow waters – perfect for little ones to splash around. The range of facilities includes sunbeds and umbrellas for hire, lifeguards and showers.

There is no shortage of things to do, with plenty of water sports on offer. For active visitors, Konnos Beach is the starting (or ending) point for walks in the rocky landscape of Cape Greco with its magnificent views of the Mediterranean, endemic flora and stairs leading up the cliffs to swimming platforms and sea caves.

It can get very crowded during peak season, so it’s a good idea to arrive early.

There is also regular public transport to this beach, as it is on the route of the local bus Agia Napa-Protaras.

Best Beach In Cyprus, Cyprus Top Beaches

Fig Tree Bay

Protaras (12 km northwest of Agia Napa) is a small town fully dedicated to summer tourism with its seaside promenade bordered by sandy beaches. Just at the southern end of the coastal road, Fig Tree Bay is preferred by both families holidaying for its sheltered location and shallow waters and by snorkelers for its clear waters and abundant marine life.

This is a very relaxed beach for those looking for the sun to relax. Full facilities are offered, and many cafes and restaurants are within walking distance of the sand. Like all beaches in this area, be aware that the sand is filled with holidaymakers all summer long.

Pissouri Bay

The bay of Pissouri (38 km west of Limassol) offers two points that make it stand out from the other beaches of the island and has also attracted many fans. Firstly, it tends not to be as crowded as the beaches in front of the major tourist towns in and around Larnaca, Ayia Napa, Paphos and Limassol. Secondly, the sea at Pissouri Bay has plenty of depth close to the shore, so it is fantastic for swimmers. Parents should be especially careful with young children because of this fact.

Most of the beach is pebbly, so it is not as beautiful as other popular beaches, but the bay of Pissouri compensates for this, as it is a centre for water sports enthusiasts. You can water ski and you can rent bicycles, boats and jet skis on the beach.

The facilities for spending a whole day relaxing on the beach are excellent. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be hired, there is a lifeguard, good shower facilities on the beach and a restaurant on the shore.

Cyprus…! Best beaches to visit…!

Best Beach In Cyprus, Cyprus Top Beaches
Best Beach In Cyprus, Cyprus Top Beaches

Lady’s Mile Beach

Close to the city of Limassol , Lady’s Mile Beach stretches for seven kilometres along the eastern coast of the Akrotiri peninsula. At the northern end, starting just south of the Limassol harbour area, the beach is mostly pebbled. Head towards the southern end, bordering the UK’s Akrotiri RAF Base RAF, to encounter the golden sands.

Although it is always crowded with both locals and visitors due to its location adjacent to one of the largest cities in Cyprus, the beach is almost never crowded, even at the height of summer, due to its length. The waters are shallow here, so it’s a safe option for families – sunbeds with umbrellas can be hired, a lifeguard is on duty and there are a few restaurants and cafes scattered along the length of the beach.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing are popular activities at Lady’s Mile Beach and you can rent boards or learn to windsurf from the watersports operators along the beach. An added bonus is the Limassol Salt Lake, just to the west of the beach, where you can go bird watching.

Alagadi Beach

For nature lovers, a visit to Alagadi beach is a must, to join one of the highly acclaimed turtle watching tours , which take place regularly during the spring and summer months. The SPOT (Society for the Protection of Turtles) research centre, where you can learn about the conservation efforts of Cyprus’ turtle population, is based here and is open from May to September.

SPOT’s turtle watching tours take place at night and vary from watching turtles nesting in late spring and summer to watching baby turtles being released into the sea in late summer.

Due to the turtle population in the bay here, the beach is a protected area and is not developed. Also, you are not allowed on the beach after dark unless you are participating in one of the SPOT tours. Alagadi beach is located in northern Cyprus, 20km east of Kyrenia. You will need to cross the Green Line to the north to visit it, so bring your passport.

Salamina Beach

If you want to combine a visit to the island’s most beautiful ancient site with a swimming spot, then come to Salamina, nine kilometres from Famagusta in northern Cyprus. The magnificent Hellenistic ruins of Ancient Salamina, with its temples, theatre and elaborate gymnasium ruins, wander for several kilometres along the coast, which is enclosed by Salamina beach.

You can swim before or after exploring the vast history of this once great city from the beach access point at the main entrance and car park. Alternatively, there are many paths leading to the beach through the ruins area.

A good restaurant is located next to the main entrance, but the beach itself has not been developed. If you don’t have a hire car, there is regular public transport to Famagusta from both North Nicosia and Kyrenia, but you will need to hop in a taxi for the last, short leg to Salamis. You will also need to bring your passport to cross from the Republic of Cyprus into northern Cyprus.

Best Beach In Cyprus, Cyprus Top Beaches
Best Beach In Cyprus, Cyprus Top Beaches

Coral Bay

Just nine kilometres north of Paphos, the golden crescent-shaped sand of Coral Bay is considered one of the best beaches in the region. Easily accessible by local buses, which run regularly between central Paphos and Coral Bay, this beach is a major tourist attraction for many of Paphos’ summer visitors. It is a busy beach that fills with holidaymakers during the summer months.

Full facilities are at your disposal here, with plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas for hire, a few cafes and restaurants surrounding the beach for snacks or full water sports meals!

Vryssianon Beach

In front of the town of Protaras and with hotels, cafes and restaurants all along it, it is one of the busiest beaches on the east coast of the island.

With soft golden sand and crystal clear turquoise waters that are ideal for snorkeling, it is a comfortable place to spend a whole day at the beach with all the amenities at your disposal. The beach is fully accessible for wheelchair users with purpose-built bathrooms and walkways leading to the sand.

Best Beach In Cyprus, Cyprus Top Beaches

Cyprus is a great summer destination with wonderful beaches along its coastline! Popular and wild, rocky or sandy, organised or unorganised, whatever you choose one thing is for sure! You will enjoy the sun and the Mediterranean sea to the fullest and recharge your batteries!!!!


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