Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. The island is the biggest in the country and boasts a wide range of beaches as well as a vibrant nightlife and large expat scene.

Phuket, Travel Guide

Phuket – Thailand is mass tourism at its finest. No need to sugar coat anything here because it’s become common knowledge that many parts of Phuket is not as paradise-like as you would imagine Thailand to be. Unfortunately, this is something you experience quite early on and cannot really escape – at the latest, you’ll see what we mean when you walk through the streets of Patong (the hotspot on Phuket).

Although Phuket is notorious in some places for its headache-inducing tourism, there are also some beautiful lesser-known places – thankfully! We ourselves, have personally been to Phuket twice and our mission was none other than searching for the most beautiful sights and beaches, as well as for secret corners on the island. In this blog article, we will share with you the main highlights in Phuket, as well as our top tips for having a great time on this island.

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“Phuket Travel Guide”

The pearly white, palm- and casuarina-fringed beaches that ring Phuket’s southern and western coasts are the island’s key bounty. Each beach is different, from the northwest’s upmarket Surin and Ao Bang Thao (with their luxe resorts and, in Bang Thao, glossy beach clubs) to mellow, jungled Rawai on far south Phuket, or the infamous west-coast sin city of Patong, home of hangovers and go-go bars. So there’s space for everyone, whether you’re a backpacking couple, a luxury jetsetter, a wandering budgeteer or a travelling family on the hunt for seaside fun.

Those tropical-island beaches are glorious, of course, but venture just a little beyond and you’ll uncover astonishing Phuketian cultural riches that many visitors zip right past. East-coast capital Phuket Town delights with its eye-opening museums, Peranakan cooking, Chinese shrines and historic mansions and shophouses done in characteristic Sino-Portuguese style. Major temples stand in Chalong and Thalang, while two national parks and a smattering of wildlife sanctuaries await exploration in the island’s northern reaches. Even a speedy trip up into the hills behind Kata to Big Buddha connects you to modern-day Phuket’s pulse.


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