Pelion, Greece

Find out everything about your holidays in Pelion on our travel guide! Pelion is an absolute natural paradise! It is a huge mountain dotted with picturesque traditional villages and fringed by mesmerizing beaches!

Pelion, Travel Guide

The gems of Pelion are hands down its quaint villages! Makrinitsa, Portaria, Milies, and Tsagarada are among the most beautiful villages in Pelion. They are made up of traditional little houses with grey stone roofs and paved alleys that ooze charm in abundance!

On the eastern side of the Pelion peninsula in Greece, there are some exotic beaches with mesmerizing cobalt waters. Mylopotamos, Fakistra and Agios Ioannis are some of the most popular Pelion beaches you have to visit!

For those of a non-beachy disposition, Pelion has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty. The variety of natural landscapes make Pelion a top holiday destination all year round! The closest big town to Pelion is Volos, which has a busy port and a small airport that receives charter flights.

Let’s discover Pelion! Find out how to get there and some amazing photos!!

Pelion Travel Guide Top Attractions and Best Time To Visit

“Pelion Travel Guide”

Pelion has a rich history going back to antiquity but also mythology. It was once known as the island of centaurs and the mountain of flowers. It was also the spot where the demigod and healer Asclepius and Hippocrates, the father of medicine, roamed around. They wrote a lot about the local herbs and their medicinal benefits.

A number of scientific studies have researched the medicinal plants of Mount Pelion, and even though most of the ancient knowledge of these herbs does not survive, it remains a rich and biodiverse area.

There are plenty of accommodation options around Pelion to base yourself in for a few days while exploring the nearby area. The most popular villages to stay in are Makrinitsa and Portaria on the western side of the mountain and Tsagarada on the eastern.

Our favorite and highly recommended suggestion for your accommodation is, Karaiskos Farm. You will find Karaiskos in Portaria, only a few kilometers away from Makrinitsa and a short 30-minute drive from Volos, the largest town in the area.



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