7 Best Things To Do In Gjirokaster, Albania

Some may consider Gjirokaster a twin city with Berat, another UNESCO site known for its beauty! Both cities have their charms that cannot be replaced. The architectures are different, the things to do are different, even the local food is different, so I would recommend visiting both cities when you are in Albania. But enough about Berat. Today, we're going to [...] Continue reading  

Best Things To Do In Sarande, Albania

Explore the beaches As a seaside town, Sarande has many beautiful beaches for tourists to explore. Some resorts have sandier beaches, while others have slightly more pebble beaches. Those near the city centre are very popular and attract many people. Beaches further north or south will be less crowded and may be more beautiful and secluded. Visit Vouthroto Vouthroto is [...] Continue reading