Panagia Faneromeni – Nea Skioni, Halkidiki Greece

Panagia Faneromeni - Nea Skioni The chapel and the surrounding area belonged to the Flamourion Monastery in Thessaly. When Thessaly was liberated from the Turks, in 1881 AD, it was given to the Theological School of Halki, to which it belongs until today. It is celebrated on the ninth day of Panagia, i.e. the 23rd of August. In the church [...] Continue reading  

Day Trip In Halkidiki, Greece

Halkidiki Day Trip, Greece From our base, Thessaloniki, we started very early in the morning, around 07:30am and headed for Tripiti. The distance we covered was 139 km. We arrived at the port of Tripiti at 09:15am. Then, we boarded the boat at 9:45am and in just 10 minutes we arrived at the island of Amouliani. We stayed there fot [...] Continue reading  

Easter Corfu Photos 2022, Greece – Photostory

Easter in Corfu Photos Corfu is one of the most popular destinations in Greece throughout the year. However, during the Easter season Corfu is a booming tourist destination as its tradition and customs make it the ultimate destination! From Lazarus Saturday to Easter Sunday, Corfu has a plethora of customs and traditions that will captivate both believers and visitors alike. [...] Continue reading  

Panagia Prousiotissa, Karpenisi, Greece

At a distance of 30 km from the capital of the prefecture, Karpenisi, you will find this wonderful "Big" monastery of Panagia where it celebrates on the 23rd of August. Panagia Prousiotissa or Panagia of Roumeli, is located in a nature enviroment, surrounded by huge green mountains. On the way from Karpenisi to Prousos, you will find wonderful small picturesque [...] Continue reading  

Sofrito Recipe, The Ultimate Corfiot Dish

Sofrito, along with pastitsada and burdeto are the three classic Corfiot dishes. It is obvious that it got its name during the Venetian occupation. But there is no significant gastronomic connection of soffritto, with the homonymous cooking technique used in Italy (otherwise, battuto), apart from the fact that both include frying in oil. As in pasticcio, the connection of the [...] Continue reading  

Easter in Corfu – Customs and Traditions, Greece

The customs in Corfu related to Easter start from the Saturday of Lazarus. Every year on the eve of Lazarus Saturday, after sunset in the village of Episkepsi in northern Corfu, the local choir and a crowd of people sing the "Carols of Lazarus" in all the neighborhoods of the village, while the housewives treat locals to Lenten delicacies and local [...] Continue reading  

Lent, Meaning And Customs In Greece

We call it the Great Fast to distinguish it from the fast that precedes Christmas, which is called the "Little Fast" because it is lighter. So in our time, Great Lent begins on Clean Monday and ends on Holy Saturday. It is called Lent because it commemorates Christ's 40-day fast in the desert and was established in the 4th century. [...] Continue reading  

Clean Monday! Meaning and customs in Greece

The truth is that there are various opinions about Koulouma. Among the first to prevail was the one that claimed that the word Koulouma came from the Latin "CULUMUS", which is not, however, a completely secure conclusion, since such a word is not found in Latin. According to the aforementioned version, Koulouma is an anagram of the Latin "CUMULUS" which [...] Continue reading  

Agioi Isidoroi Lycabettus, Athens

Οι Άγιοι Ισίδωροι, ή Άγιος Ισίδωρος, ή Άγιος Σιδερέας, είναι μια μεσαιωνική εκκλησία που βρίσκεται στο Λυκαβηττό της Αττικής. Πρόκειται για ένα μικρό εκκλησάκι, κολλημένο ακριβώς επάνω στον κομμένο βράχο και μέσα σε ένα μεγάλο σπήλαιο. Σύμφωνα με πληροφορίες, καταστράφηκε από πυρκαγιά το 1930 και κτίστηκε ξανά εκ βάθρων ένα χρόνο αργότερα.

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Velvento, Neraida, Skepasto Gorge, Kozani Greece

Kozani - Road Trip Our road trip to Kozani started early morning from Thessaloniki, Greece. At a speed of 120km/hour, we reached the center of Kozani in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Kozani is quite a beautiful city. It's center is pedestrianized so you can walk around carefree. A walk (Mia Volta) on the long pedestrian street with the small [...] Continue reading  

Liston Corfu, Greece

Liston Corfu It is located on the western edge of Spianada, the large square and is bordered by mansions that form large arches, on their top floor. These arches, which Corfu citizens call walks, counts a number of cafe and restaurants, making Liston the centre of Corfu life for locals and visitors alike. Later the remaining floors were added and [...] Continue reading  

Corfu Old Town, Greece

Corfu Old Town Fortresses, Palaces, Spianada and Liston square, the church of Saint Spyridon and Metropolis of Corfu, are some points of interest in the Old Town, which has been characterized as a World Heritage of UNESCO, since 2007. Kampielo is the oldest district of the Old Town, where you will see many closely alleys and very tall buildings. There [...] Continue reading  

Pelion, Photo Moments, Greece – Photostory

Pelion Photos The mountain of Centaurs! Pelion! It dominates over the city of Volos, waiting for thousands of visitors from all over Greece and abroad to enjoy its beauties! The wonderful landscapes, the beautiful villages, the endless forests, the ski resort, the beaches, the food, the entertainment and many more...! In this articles you will see some of our photos [...] Continue reading  

Corfu Old Fortress, Greece

Corfu Old Fortress It is built on a small island on the eastern edge of the Old Town of Corfu and Spianada, the big square. The Old Fortress which was the "guardian" of Corfu since the 6th century, has been built from the citizens who used ruins of Paleopolis, the ancient city that was destroyed by raids. The Old Fortress [...] Continue reading