Phuket Top Attractions, Thailand

Exotic beaches, coconut palms, nature and culture are all exists here on this island! If you especially do not have a problem with the crowds and you like fun and beach parties then this is the destination for you !! So if you are planning to visit Phuket or if you are already here and wondering what you can do [...] Continue reading  

Exploring Bangkok’s Grand Palace, Thailand

Built in 1782, the palace was commissioned by the former King Rama I, who founded the Chakri Dynasty of Thailand. Although the palace is no longer the official administrative seat of government or the home of the King of Thailand, the original buildings used for these purposes still stand and can be toured during your visit. Over the centuries since [...] Continue reading  

Festivals & Events In Bangkok, Thailand

Festivals & Events In Bangkok January: Chinese New Year (which usually falls in late January or early February) is celebrated in Bangkok in a big way - with festivities focused mainly in the Chinatown area but also in the rest of Bangkok. You'll see dragon parades, lanterns, fireworks and crackers, and lots of food stalls! February: With no major holidays in [...] Continue reading  

Best Time To Visit Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok's weather is tropical all year round, which translates into long, hot days regardless of the time of year. If you want to encounter average and tolerable temperatures ( 20 - 30 degrees) then November and December are the best time to visit Bangkok, in terms of weather. The heavy monsoon rains decrease in early November and the crowds of tourists [...] Continue reading  

25 Top Attractions in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok , the capital of Thailand, fascinates with the incredible variety of places to visit and things you can do, with the contrast between old and new, its rich cultural heritage and giant skyscrapers. Whether it's night markets, countless golden temples, luxury shopping malls, breathtaking rooftop bars, the legendary floating river markets, quaint old Chinatown, exploring Bangkok at night or [...] Continue reading