Disability Discounts In Paris, France

Are you going to travel with disabled to Paris? Did you know that most attractions in Paris offer discounts for the disabled? Let's go and to see in detail the discounts offered by the top attractions in Paris.

Eifel Tower

The most must-see attraction in the French capital, it could not be other than the famous Eiffel Tower. Visit the tower and choose the ticket you want. There are categories of tickets, depending on the way and the floor you want to visit. Of course, when we talk about the disabled, the option of climbing by elevator is imperative.

Tip – We suggest you choose the ascent to the top floor to enjoy the wonderful view of the city! The discount for the disabled reaches 75% of the initial price.

In the following link you will find informations about ticket prices, both for the disabled and for regular tickets!


You can get your tickets online!

* It is important that during the visit the disabled have with them a document of disability certification that everyone has.

Disability Discounts In Paris Louvre Museum
Disability Discounts In Paris Disneyland with Disabled

Louvre Museum

One of the largest museums in the world, of course, is the Louvre. It is a huge museum that among the wonderful exhibits it has, you will see the “Victory of Samothrace“, the famous “Mona Lisa of Da vinci” and much more. The museum provides FREE wheelchairs for the disabled. The disabled will not have any difficulty at all as the museum has elevators.

  • The ticket for the disabled as well as for the person who accompanies them, has zero price. In other words… ..free of charge! However, a “typical purchase” is required!

In the following link you will be able to get your tickets! As we mentioned the disabled and their attendant will choose among the tickets the option “Other”!


Disability Discounts In Paris Disneyland with Disabled
Disability Discounts In Paris Versailles with Disabled

Paris, France…! DDP – Disability Discount in Paris

Versailles Pallace

The Palace of Versailles has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A wonderful palace that everyone should visit. The most important part of the palace is the impressive gardens. A huge area that is impossible to explore in a single visit! In the gardens there are golf carts for rent so you can quickly admire the beauty they offer.

Access to the palace and gardens for the disabled is quite easy. The only downside is that during your transfer from the station to the entrance, there is a large piece of paving that may make it a little difficult to access the wheelchair, without this meaning that it is impossible!

The price of the tickets for the disabled and for the person who accompanies them, is zero. For the gardens, however, there is a charge without discount. In the following links you will find everything you need to get your tickets and of course informations for the disabled!




For DISNEYLAND you can visit the following link and read our article in detail!


Disability Discounts In Paris Disabled in Disneyland
Disability Discounts In Paris Fun In Disneyland with Disabled

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