Disneyland Access & Benefits For Disabled, France

When you want to organize a trip to the enchanting Paris, the first thing you want to visit is the fantastic world of Disneyland! Two wonderful theme parks full of heroes of our childhood, are waiting for you for endless fun!

Access to Disneyland is very easy. From Port Maillot Metro Central Station, take the yellow M1 line to Chateau de Vincennes and get off at Nation. There you will take the red line RER A in the direction of Marne la Vallee – Chessy and you will stop at the terminal.

*All Metro stations are accessible for persons with disabilities! 

Disneyland Disabled Access with Disabled
Disneyland Disabled Happy Moments with Disabilities

So when was planning our trip there, we tried to find out informations on how a person with disabilities could visit this wonderful attraction. In our case, the informations we received was that the purchase of the ticket (Disability ticket) had to be done at the counter located at the entrance of the park. The discount of the ticket corresponded to -10% in relation to a regular ticket! But the data has changed, as the buying process has remained exactly the same but the discount now corresponds to -25% as you will see in the link below.


Disneyland Disabled Train Disabilities Friendly
Disneyland Disabled Dragon Visit Disney with Disabled

Disneyland Paris, France…! A disability friendly thematic park…!

The benefits to a person with a disability are only one. In the outside world the word “one” sounds small like a very small number. But inside Disneyland, it’s like having it all. You have priority throughout the park. You enter every activity without waiting in line.

* The queue at any activity is huge and there is often a wait of up to 45 minutes.

So when you get to the entrance of the park, you should go to Disneyland City Hall where by showing the card for the disabled or the corresponding document certifying any disability the visitor receives the priority entry card to the activities.

* It is noted that the Entry to each activity for the disabled, is at the Exit of each of them. Also, together with the disabled, the whole company that accompanies it participates in the priority.

* The only negative we encountered was that if a disabled person needs a wheelchair, there is the possibility of renting at the price of 25 € / per day, while in all the attractions we visited in Paris, the provision of a wheelchair was free!

An advance payment is also required as deposit, which is returned on delivery.

Below you will find a complete DISNEYLAND disabled guide!

Disability Discounts In Paris Disneyland with Disabled
Disneyland Disabled Map

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