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Easter in Corfu is probably the most solemn and the most popular in Greece!

Easter in Corfu Photos

Corfu is one of the most popular destinations in Greece throughout the year. However, during the Easter season Corfu is a booming tourist destination as its tradition and customs make it the ultimate destination!

From Lazarus Saturday to Easter Sunday, Corfu has a plethora of customs and traditions that will captivate both believers and visitors alike.

The main highlights are the epitaphs of Good Friday, the Litany of Saint Spyridon accompanying the epitaph on Good Saturday morning, the famous Botis of the “First Resurrection” and the Resurrection at Spianada on Good Saturday evening!

This year once again Stelios and I experienced the Easter of Corfu from close up and we didn’t miss a single moment of it! This Easter of 2022 was very special for us because it was the first one after the pandemic of COVID-19 that took place normally after 2 years of postponements.

The island was really swamped with visitors from all corners of Greece and the world! Easter 2022 may go down in history as it now holds the absolute record for the number of visitors!

Below we present you a series of our best photos from Easter in Corfu and we hope to inspire you to visit the island next year and experience the divine drama through the customs and traditions of Corfu!

Photos by Studio27 by Andreas Politis (www.studio27.gr)

Traditional Corfu Easter, Passover In Greece, Corfiot Culture

Corfu Easter Photos, 2022

“Corfu Easter Photos”

Traditional Corfu Easter, Passover In Greece, Corfiot Culture
Traditional Corfu Easter, Passover In Greece, Corfiot Culture

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