Wolfgangsee, Austria

The Wolfgangsee in Austria also named Lake Wolfgang is truly beautiful and one of the best places to visit in Austria!

Wolfgangsee, Travel Guide

Impressive landscapes at the shore of the world-famous Schafberg, crystal clear lakes, plenty of culture and history. Whether hiking, bicycling or water sports, the Lake Wolfgangsee is also a real paradise for nature lovers.

For sure you are going to have a fantastic time hitting up the Wolfgangsee and exploring all the wonderful places around! Here is what you can expect from a holiday at Lake Wolfgang!

Εκδρομή στο Kitzbühel Αυστρία, Αυστριακές Άλπεις, Σκι Αυστρία

“Wolfgangsee Travel Guide”

The town of St Gilgen shares an everlasting popularity among domestic tourists with its neighbour St Wolfgang. It is considered to be the quintessential Salzkammergut town with such sights as a town hall, pretty church villas with wooden balconies, the obligatory lakeside promenade and mountainous setting. No wonder it′s packed with tourists every single summer. The town museum “Heimatkundliches Museum” is located in a burgher house from 1655 and makes a good introduction to both St Gilgen and the region of the Wolfgangsee.

Currently, a fair chunk of the city centre is a construction site, since an international boarding school is building a campus in St. Gilgen. Every December, a very popular Christmas Market is being held around the main market square. The picturesque town with its many Baroque houses by the lakeside make it the perfect venue for such a market – needless to say, it attracts vast amounts of people, which harms the general appeal of the Christmas Market. Nearby St. Wolfgang, by the way, does the same and is similarly crowded. Speaking of “pimping out stuff to the tourism mafia”…

The mother of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in St Gilgen, and it wouldn′t be Austria if this occurrence wasn′t pimped out to the tourists: a “Mozart Gedenkstätte” (Mozart Memorial Site) is open to visitors in the county′s court Bezirksgericht. It is rather interesting as a testimonial of 17th and 18th century living in the Salzkammergut rather than for the family-connection with the composer, but worth a look.


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Wolfgangsee in Austria also called Lake Wolfgang is a truly beautiful place and one of the best attractions to visit in Austria: stunning scenery on the shore of the world-famous Schafberg, crystal clear lakes, plenty of culture and history. Whether you choose hiking, cycling or water sports, Lake Wolfgangsee is a real paradise for nature lovers. St. Wolfgang at Wolfgangsee [...] Continue reading