Belgium is a travel destination made for history buffs and chocolate addicts. Though the nation is small, it plays a big part in the world’s history.

Belgium, Travel Guide

There are over 3,000 castles to explore, battlegrounds from the World Wars, and every museum imaginable. After you’ve had your history fill, you can kick your feet back and relax at one of the 1,000 breweries in the small country. Sip on a cold beer while you munch on frites – sounds dreamy to me!

And to finish off the day? All the gourmet chocolate you can imagine! Many people tend to gloss over the country, visiting Brussels or Bruges for a day before moving on, but if you take the time, you’ll find that Belgium has so much more to explore!

Βρυξέλες Βέλγιο Πλατεία

“Belgium Travel Guide”

Belgium falls through the cracks. Wedged between Germany, France, and the Netherlands, and famous for waffles, Smurfs, and a statue of a little boy peeing, it’s no wonder it can get lost in the mix. But Belgium rewards with richer sights than you might expect — and fewer tourist crowds. You’ll encounter some of Europe’s finest cuisine, including the best beer, creamiest chocolates, and tastiest French fries. Belgium’s town squares bristle with soaring spires and warm-brick gables. Its museums house lush paintings celebrating the glories of everyday life. From funky urban neighborhoods to tranquil convents, from old-fashioned lace to high-powered European politics, little Belgium delights.

Places in Belgium

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Grote Markt, Τo Στολίδι Των Βρυξελλών, Βέλγιο

Grote Markt, Brussels! The square is surrounded by old architectural buildings of various eras. One of the most important buildings is the tall tower, called Baffroy (Belfort). Its height reaches 83 meters and to reach the top, where the gallery is located, it is necessary to walk 366 steps. The panoramic view it offers is breathtaking ! In the southern [...] Continue reading