Strike out beyond the sun-soaked stretches of sand to discover an island of compelling culture and landscapes, steeped in myth and riddled with ancient riches.

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Crossing the line between the South and the North allows you not only to gain some understanding of the island’s complex and painful modern-day history, but also experience the two Cypriot communities. Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot societies are intrinsically different yet incredibly similar, linked by the still-strong role of traditional family life and a rich history where food cultures and folk customs have intermingled, but divided by belief. One thing’s for sure wherever you are on the island: the naturally warm Cypriot hospitality is much in evidence on both sides of the Green Line.

The landscape and Mediterranean climate mean that outside is where it’s at – and where you should be. Sun-soaked stretches of sand are Cyprus’ calling card and there’s a beach for everyone here, from wild and windswept to family-friendly and packed. Every conceivable water sport is on offer, from scuba diving to skimming the surface on a kite- or windsurf board. And if you tire of all that blue, strike out into the interior, where wildflower-studded meadows and valleys of densely planted vineyards sweep up to a pine-clad mountain spine offering hiking, biking and, yes, even winter skiing.

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Το Greek south of Cyprus has sat uncomfortably alongside Turkish North Cyprus since 1973, when the Mediterranean island was divided. This situation, possibly on the verge of resolution, makes an intriguing backdrop to any exploration of Cyprus, where modern history merges with some of the oldest relics in the region – just take a look at Kourion, where remains date back to the 13th century BC.

Cyprus can be extremely touristy – coastal hotspots such as Agia Napa, Lemesos and Larnaca are brash and over developed. But move away from these resorts and you’ll find Cyprus has a mountainous interior, great for hiking and cycling, and small villages clustered around Orthodox churches, the perfect place to hole up in a taverna and relax.

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