Best known for its famous Oktoberfest and World War II history, Germany is also home to some of Europa’s most beautiful scenery, fairytale castles, important historic sites and lively party scenes. Located in the heart of Europe, Germany maintains the continent’s most powerful economy.

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Germany’s most visited destination is its capital city, Berlin. A city steeped in history, Berlin is teeming in historic landmarks, monuments and museums. Other important cities include Cologne, Dresden, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and Nuremberg.

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“Germany Travel Guide”

All of these cities offer significant historic sites, museums and arts and culture scenes. Must-see attractions include the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle, the most photographed structure in Germany, and the stunning Gothic cathedral of Cologne. Scenic drives, hiking and horse rides through the Black Forest are popular things to do as well as cruises on the beautiful Rhine River with its marvelous views of picture-perfect scenery. While Oktoberfest in Munich is the country’s best known festival, others include May Day and Carnival. Many people also like to travel to Germany for its vibrant Christmas markets that are hosted in most major cities.

Prepare for a roller-coaster ride of feasts, treats and temptations experiencing Germany’s soul-stirring scenery, spirit-lifting culture, big-city beauties, romantic palaces and half-timbered towns.

There’s something undeniably artistic in the way Germany’s scenery unfolds; the corrugated, dune-fringed coasts of the north; the moody forests, romantic river valleys and vast vineyards of the centre; and the off-the-charts splendour of the Alps, carved into rugged glory by glaciers and the elements. All of these are integral parts of a magical natural matrix that’s bound to give your camera batteries a good workout. Get off the highway and into the great outdoors to soak up the epic landscapes that make each delicious, slow, winding mile so precious.

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“Germany Travel Guide”

You’ll encounter history in towns where streets were laid out long before Columbus set sail, and in castles that loom above prim, half-timbered villages where flower boxes billow with crimson geraniums. The great cities – including Berlin, Munich and Hamburg – come in more flavours than a jar of jelly beans but all will wow you with a cultural kaleidoscope that spans the arc from art museums and high-brow opera to naughty cabaret and underground clubs. And wherever you go, Romanesque, Gothic and baroque classics rub rafters with architectural creations from modern masters such as Daniel Libeskind, David Chipperfield and Frank Gehry.

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