Grote Markt, The Jewel of Brussels, Belgium

One of the most impressive squares in the world is the central square of Brussels, known as the "Grote Markt" or "Market Square". It is the most impressive attraction of the Belgian capital, as well as the starting point for the rest of the city. 

Grote Markt, Brussels! The square is surrounded by old architectural buildings of various eras. One of the most important buildings is the tall tower, called Baffroy (Belfort). Its height reaches 83 meters and to reach the top, where the gallery is located, it is necessary to walk 366 steps. The panoramic view it offers is breathtaking !

Grote Markt Brussels, Belgium, What To Expect

In the southern part of the square, was the market and to the east there was a boat dock, known as Waterhalle, which was in operation until the end of the eighteenth century. Today, this section has been replaced by the provincial court, which consists of a complex of buildings. In 1878, one of these was destroyed by fire and was restored in 1887 in a now neo-Gothic style.

The oldest building in the Grote Markt square is called Bouchout. It is located in the western part, in the Sint-Amandsstraat. Its windows were built in the fifteenth century, and the façade of the building dates back to 1682.

In the square you will find a sculpture, which is dedicated to the national heroes of the country – Peter de Coninck & Jan Breyde.
Grote Markt Brussels, Belgium, What To Expect
Grote Markt Brussels, Belgium, What To Expect

Brussels, Belgium…! Grote Markt…

At the beginning of December, a large Christmas market is set up and a large outdoor ice rink is prepared to welcome children and adults alike.

Tip – It is rumoured that if you bring your own skates, there is no charge for skating !

Every season of the year, has its own beauty ! During the summer months, you can relax on one of the beautiful benches that decorate the area, pass by the various souvenir shops, as well as sit in the various cafes and restaurants, sipping a hot chocolate or respectively taking your lunch.

Don’t worry about how to get there. Everything leads to the Grote Markt ! Since it is located in the city centre, bus numbers 2, 3, 12, 14, 90, stop in the area and more specifically at the “Brugge Markt” stop.

Alternative ways to get there, the taxi and of course… by feet !

Grote Markt Brussels, Belgium, What To Expect

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