Day Trip In Halkidiki, Greece

Are you Fun of Day trips ? Then this trip will be unforgettable! We organized this day trip to see the most beautiful cities of Halkidiki. But let's analyze the experience we had.

Halkidiki Day Trip, Greece

From our base, Thessaloniki, we started very early in the morning, around 07:30am and headed for Tripiti. The distance we covered was 139 km. We arrived at the port of Tripiti at 09:15am. Then, we boarded the boat at 9:45am and in just 10 minutes we arrived at the island of Amouliani. We stayed there fot two hours and we had a walk and a first contact with the island as well as a delicious coffee, with a view of the port and Mount Athos !

“Halkidiki Day Trip”


Ammouliani is a small enchanting island, the only inhabited island in Macedonia, right opposite Mount Athos. Around it there is a cluster of smaller islands called Drenia which are ideal for fishing, swimming and diving. Surrounded by the sea breeze and the feeling of hospitality of the locals, it offers many accommodation and entertainment options.

Walks around the island reveal the captains’ houses, the courtyards, the nets and fishing gear, the small vegetable gardens, etc. All neat and tidy. The inhabitants are engaged in fishing, having the largest fishing fleet in Macedonia, tourism and olive cultivation. The first inhabitants of the island arrived on the island in 1925, refugees from Asia Minor and more specifically from the islands of Propontis, Galini, Pasalimani, Skoupia. They brought with them expensive objects that are kept in the Folklore Museum of the island.

After enjoying our coffee (at the price of 4€), we boarded the boat again for our return.

Halkidiki Day Trip From Thessaloniki Greece Top Sights

“Halkidiki Day Trip”

Timetables and ticket prices can be found at the following link

After Ammouliani, we  travelled 71 km to reach the town of Neos Marmaras. The route was completed in 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was already 13:30 pm and we visited a restaurant to have our lunch. We chose a delicious burger and a dish of halloumi and tomatoe !

Tip – Despite the fact that the service and the meal was great, we found that this restaurant tried to trick us and charge us extra, and after a lot of pressure that the prices on the list did not match the value of the bill, they corrected their mistake and we paid the correct value. Based on the treatment we received, we found that this whole incident was deliberate. We do not know if this is a common occurrence in other catering establishments, however we advise you to exercise extreme caution.

Let us put aside the unpleasant situations we have experienced and say a few words about the wonderful city of the Neos Marmaras.

Halkidiki Day Trip From Thessaloniki Greece Top Sights

“Halkidiki Day Trip”


Neos Marmaras is a small town on the edge of the peninsula of Sithonia in the prefecture of Halkidiki. It is built on three hills in the mountainous complex of Itamos. The main occupation of the inhabitants is tourism as well as agriculture. Apart from olive oil they produce honey, while many residents are also involved in hunting. Every year, Neos Marmaras is visited by many tourists as it combines mountain and sea together. Very close by is the Porto Karras complex, where a large hotel complex is housed !

Twenty km away is the beach of Nikiti, which we visited immediately afterwards.

We walked along the pedestrian walkway in front of the beautiful blue beach with the fantastic restaurants ! We spent 30 minutes in the town of Nikiti exclusively for taking wonderful photos ! Nikiti is the perfect destination for a summer holiday !

Shortly before 17:00 pm in the afternoon, we set off by car to visit the picturesque town of Afitos which is located at the first foot of Halkidiki at a distance of 60 km from Nikiti.

Halkidiki Day Trip From Thessaloniki Greece Top Sights

“Halkidiki Day Trip”


Afitos, which is also called Athitos, is the third largest settlement after the station of Potidea and has existed in this location for more than 3000 years.

Because of its consistent traditional architecture, the village is one of the most popular destinations in Halkidiki. The general construction of the buildings is strictly controlled by architectural constraints with the main aim of preserving the classic character of the village buildings. For this reason, the houses and all buildings in general are constructed and renovated with local limestone. During the summer, when the village has a different spirit, many musical and artistic events take place, including the cultural festival originally organised by the inhabitants of Afitos. The squares and alleys of the village come alive with a variety of local arts and crafts as well as traditional products.

We enter a coffee bar and enjoyed a cool ice cream with a view of the sea (4€).  We then walked a large part of the village and enjoyed the wonderful views offered by the houses. We were very impressed that there were cheese cans painted all over the village and inside there were various flowers.

The clock was 18:45 pm and then we wanted to visit the small chapel of Panagia Faneromeni, located in the new Skioni on the sea front, 26 km away from Afitos.

The chapel of Panagia Faneromeni in Nea Skioni is built right on the bank and hosts wonderful frescoes of the 16th century AD. The chapel and the surrounding area belongs to the Flamourion monastery in Thessaly. The church houses the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, painted on an upright marble slab.

Halkidiki Day Trip From Thessaloniki Greece Top Sights

“Halkidiki Day Trip”


After lighting our candle, we chose the fantastic Pefkohori as our next destination. At 19:30 pm we arrived at our destination. The wonderful eateries in front of the huge pedestrian walkway by the sea made it a difficult choice of where to enjoy a refreshing drink, as everything was wonderful . Equally wonderful were the selfies we took at every corner of the area, and especially at the lighthouse that is a trademark of Pefkohori.  We should point out that Pefkohori has 1600 permanent residents but in the summer it serves tens of thousands of tourists. It is probably the second most cosmopolitan place in Kassandra during the summer months after Kallithea, which Kallithea was our last destination !

Halkidiki Day Trip From Thessaloniki Greece Top Sights

“Halkidiki Day Trip”


Just before the clock been 22:00 pm, we arrived in Kallithea to have our evening meal !

During the summer months, Kallithea is the most crowded village of Halkidiki. In the centre of the town where it is pedestrianised, you will find many shops such as jewellery shops, fur shops, shoe shops, clothing stores, supermarkets, banks, medical clinics, tourist agencies, fast food, restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars and even amusement parks. Truly a rich destination with a huge choice !

Halkidiki Day Trip From Thessaloniki Greece Top Sights

“Halkidiki Day Trip”

We chose a fast food to end our trip nicely!

At midnight we returned to our base in Thessaloniki full of wonderful memories and rich photographic material!

So if you are a Crazy Traveller like us, we highly recommend this day trip!

Halkidiki Day Trip From Thessaloniki Greece Top Sights

“Halkidiki Day Trip”

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