Day Trip To Hallstatt, Austria

Our trip to Hallstatt became reality because of our visit of Salzburg! A day trip for us that it is really worth to do if you visit Austria and especially Salzburg, which is about an hour away by car!

Day Trip Tp Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is located in central Austria between Graz and Salzburg. The village is amphitheatrical built on the banks of Lake Hallstättersee at the bottom of the Austrian Alps.

Hallstatt is one of the oldest inhabited settlements in Europe and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site! Like a fairytale, this lake town will fascinate you with the traditional wooden construction houses in the Austrian Alps as well as the surrounding landscape! High mountains behind and a beautiful lake in front,  will remind you images we admire on social media and want to visit! Moreover, the narrow streets, salt mine caves, the wonderful hospitality of the people and the epic hot soups and traditional Austrian schnitzel, makes the city one of the most romantic destinations in Europe and the world!

Tip: If you visit Hallstatt, put on your list the skywalk located right above the city, as well as the salt mines located there! You can go up by cable car and by feet if f you want !!!

Hallstatt Road Trip From Salzburg, Austria Top Attractions

Halstat’s main square is where you will find most of the restaurants and cafes. There you can find many souvenir shops and especially jars of the local mineral salt! In the local restaurants by the lake you can try some fish that is so fresh since it is fished directly from the lake! You can also try another local traditional dishes that you will love them !

Hallstatt, Austria – The Dream Village of Austria!

Hallstatt Road Trip From Salzburg, Austria Top Attractions

The salt mine has been there since 6000 BC and is accessible to the public and is still in operation! The salt mine is 135 meters deep underground and of course you can definitely visit the mine museum! Visiting the salt mine is a… must do in Hallstatt and we highly recommend you to visit it!

Hallstatt Road Trip From Salzburg, Austria Top Attractions
Hallstatt Road Trip From Salzburg, Austria Top Attractions

Other things to do in Hallstatt, is to take the cable car to Dachstein and climb to the top of the mountain at 2140 meters!!! There you will admire a huge glacier, enter the mammoth caves and be compensated by the incredible view of the lake and the village of Hallstatt!

Very close to Hallstatt you will find another lovely village, Gosau! In this quiet village which is perfect for walking lovers as it has many paths around to enjoy the surrounding nature! Another lake that is there will enchant you!

Staying in Hallstatt is relatively expensive and if your budget is limited then we suggest you to find a room in a nearby village (see Gosau) or do as we did and stay in Salzburg! Prices of accommodation in the center of Hallstatt starts from 150 to 200 Euros per night…! 


So pack your suitcase and visit this wonderful part of Austria! You will never regret it…!


Photos: Studio27 by Andreas Politis

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