Velvento, Neraida, Skepasto Gorge, Kozani Greece

We fill up with LPG and......we're starting our trip!!!! Base : Thessaloniki! Destination : Kozani - Velvento - Neraida - Skepasto Gorge!

Kozani – Road Trip

Our road trip to Kozani started early morning from Thessaloniki, Greece. At a speed of 120km/hour, we reached the center of Kozani in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Kozani is quite a beautiful city. It’s center is pedestrianized so you can walk around carefree. A walk (Mia Volta) on the long pedestrian street with the small narrow alleys where catering shops are located, is required to enjoy coffee, food or ice cream. The impressive building of the National Bank and the Bell Tower of Saint Nicholas adorn the town square. Around it, various apartments and roof gardens have been converted into cafes and restaurants and offer a beautiful view.

Tip for disabled

Disabled people are suggested to keep their car in a private parking near the square for easier access. Also for coffee and food we suggest not to choose the apartments as after research we found that there are buildings that do not have a lift. Of course the escorts can do their research in case you wish to enjoy your coffee there ! Access to the town is easy for either people with mobility problems or wheelchairs !

Kozani Road Trip Neraida Faraggi Skepasto Greece

“Kozani Road Trip”

Having enjoyed our morning coffee, we departed for our next destination Velvento. At a distance of 35 km is the picturesque village of Velvento, known for its peaches. A huge plain full of peach trees decorate the entrance of the village. Built on a hill with many narrow streets. It is worth a walk (Mia volta) in the center to collect beautiful photos.

At noon we had lunch in a traditional tavern. Despite the slight delay due to the fact that the restaurant was full, the food made us forget any dissatisfaction. Very polite staff and very good prices.

Kozani – Neraida, Velvedo, Faraggi Skepasto!!!


Nature at its BEST…!

Tip for disabled

Here you will face some difficulty as the roads are uphill – downhill and as a result it is difficult to access with a wheelchair (not impossible of course).

And the exploration begins immediately after lunch. 6 km away, is the Skepasto Gorge. We crossed a huge path between a cliff and a stream. The view is simply breathtaking. In the middle of the trail there is a path so that you can enjoy the waterfalls from a distance, the so-called Observatory. Then, once you reach the finish, you can explore the area and take amazing photos. At the entrance to Skepasto, there is a small chapel of the Holy Trinity, where believers can light a candle and drink some water directly from the running spring. – Average visit time is 2 hours.

Tip for Disabled

Wheelchair access is unfortunately not possible. The path is narrow, thus preventing returning excursionists from reaching the site. People with mobility problems can always cross the path with an escort. For the lookout and the end of the canyon it is very difficult to access. It is not recommended. However, the path offers magnificent view !!!

Kozani Road Trip Neraida Faraggi Skepasto Greece
Kozani Road Trip Neraida Faraggi Skepasto Greece

In the afternoon we departed for Neraida Kozani. A lovely picturesque little village on a hill, where the cafes and restaurants offer a view of the Aliakmonas river and the huge bridge. Despite the beauty of the locations of the shops, the prices were low for the usual and the quality was superb. After a delightful coffee, we returned to our base !

*Important :There is a parking place to charge your electric car !!!


Τip for disabled

Access is possible even though you are climbing up the hill, the roads are flat. You will also find a disabled parking space.


Budget list

Distance (2 ways – Departure & Arrive) : 320km

Fuels : 30€ / LPG

Toll station ( 2 ways – Departure & Arrive) : (4) 5,20€

Coffee (Kozani) : 3,50€

Food (Velvento) : 13€ / person

Hot chocolate (Neraida) : 3€

Total budget : 55€ / person

*In case there are more than 1 travellers, the total budget is reduced as lpg and toll costs are shared

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