Ohrid, Guide for Food & Fun

After an exciting three days we lived in Ohrid, we are able to suggest you the best restaurants, cafes and bars we visited!

Ohrid Food Guide, Restaurants and Cafe

Coffe with a lake view !

As we visited Samuel’s Fortress, we noticed outside, a particularly beautiful cafe that overlooked the whole of Ohrid from above. FORT CAFE is a quiet place, away from the crowds gathered in the city center, right in front of the castle entrance! While enjoying the coffee there, you can simultaneously buy various souvenirs from a beautiful counter, read a book, listen to a song of your choice from the gramophone inside and of course enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake. This is a very traditional vintage shop, type of second-hand shop. Various antiques adorn its interior. Even its seats are reminiscent of a “house in a village”. Upon arrival, it is certain that you will be treated to a spoonful of welcome!

Tip – The white chocolate we chose to drink was so thick that you ate it with a spoon! It was wonderful !

Ohrid Food Guide, Restaurants and Cafe

Italian Cuisine

If you think that you will find the best Pizza in Italy, you will change your mind if you visit Di Angolo pizza! At the beginning of the main pedestrian street, and more specifically in the first alleys of the old town, the pizzeria we visited is housed and we highly recommend it! This is a beautiful place, in which you will find a wonderful courtyard with wonderful decoration, which is covered with nylon for the winter months.

There you will taste the most delicious pizzas in the city. You will find a great variety of them!

We were very impressed that the sauce is served in a clay cup and you serve it on the pizza!

Tip – Try the pizza di Angolo with the wonderful sour cream!

Ohrid Food Guide, Restaurants and Cafe
Ohrid Food Guide, Restaurants and Cafe

Extreme Burger In The Pub !

The best burger in Ohrid can be found at Tino Pub & Bar. The pub belongs to the 4-star Tino Hotel and has a restaurant right on the next door. A very beautiful place to enjoy a wonderful evening and more. A special taste that remained on our palate, was that of the delicious burger we tried. A fairly large Extreme burger, with great options to choose from. Accompany it with a beer of your choice and a view of Lake Ohrid!

Tip – Burger with the fried cheese was gorgeous!

Ohrid…! Food & Joy guide…!

Ohrid Food Guide, Restaurants and Cafe
Ohrid Food Guide, Restaurants and Cafe

Night Out !

It all leads to The Harbor Club! A wonderful evening experience with live music! The wonderful tables decorated by small fireplaces in winter, will be unforgettable! A cool wine to end your day beautifully, enjoying the sounds of the orchestra!

Tip – Food is also available!


Prices throughout Ohrid are extremely low. This is due to the low living cost in the country!

Don’t wait any more!

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