Wheelchair! Can I travel to Paris? France

How difficult is it to travel today with a wheelchair or a person with disabilities in general?

As you will have noticed on our website, we pay special attention to people with disabilities, with various tips to help them during their journey. It may seem impossible, and yet anything is POSSIBLE !

Our trip to Paris with our friend with disabilities was a success ! We faced no difficulties as we used to say… it’s all part of the organisation !

Let’s go through the steps one by one from our visit to France !

Before we started our trip, we found out what we would be visiting in our chosen destination, more specifically, Paris.
Our first steps were of course the purchase of the flight tickets and secondly the choice of the hotel where we would stay. Once we had completed the purchase of our tickets, we contacted the low cost airline we had chosen to travel with, mentioning that a person with mobility problems would be travelling with us. In the immediate response we received, the first action taken , was that while we had chosen random seat assignment (to avoid extra payment), they registered us in specific seats (Free). We were then informed that upon entering the airport we would have to go to the counter and ask for assistance (Special Assistance). We didn’t think a Low Cost company would provide such good information.

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So we informed the airport staff and they immediately mobilized and gave us a wheelchair and asked us to follow them to access the aircraft. In addition to helping with the wheelchair, there was also help with our luggage. Our access to the aircraft was by car-crane (lift).
Once we disembarked from the aircraft, the ground attendants at Beauvais Airport in France were there waiting for us to get off the car-crane. The assistance stopped at the airport exit, as was perfectly natural to do. Right away, a few meters down the road, we boarded the bus to go to the center of Paris, to the Porte Maillot central station.

At this station there is the connection of the city via metro, buses and taxis so that all the options for the best transfer to the hotel you choose are met. We continued our journey with the metro line where the terminal we chose led to the entrance of our hotel.

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Disability Discounts In Paris Disneyland with Disabled

Paris, France…! A disability friendly city…!

TIP – During our stay in Paris, we chose to explore the city by metro and taxi. The metro stations, due to their age, are not all wheelchair accessible, but you will find lifts and escalators in a large percentage of them.

Upon arrival at the hotel, we were shown to the room with the lift, which was a key criterion for choosing this hotel. The city of light, Paris, is wheelchair accessible. Even in the Montmartre area, which is built on a small hill, there is a cable car and access is possible.

Paris is a complete travel experience for a person with disabilities and mobility problems !


For more information about visiting Paris with people with disabilities click HERE!

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