A Day Trip To Pelhrimov! Czech Republic

If you choose to travel to Czech Republic, and more specifically its capital Prague, we recommend a day trip to the city of Pelhřimov.

Trip to Pelhrimov !

It is a city located between Prague and Brno. The historical center of the city is very well preserved ! Starting your day and having already your breakfast, board a rental vehicle that you will find in the city of Prague and start exploring. The distance reaches 120 kilometers and the duration of your trip is estimated at 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Pelhrimov Chech Republic


Cameras and mobile phones should always be ready, so that you can capture a beautiful landscape at any time, always speaking for the passengers !

Arriving in the town of Pelhřimov, browse the cobbled Masarykovo square. The town square is lined with well-preserved precious Baroque and Renaissance houses with arcades decorated with eagles. In the middle of the square there is a fountain with a statue of St. Jasmus the Great. In general, the architecture of the buildings will impress photography lovers, and not only !!!!

Pelhrimov, Chech Republic…! A magiacal village close to Prague…

During your wanderings, we suggest you have lunch in a restaurant you will find in the area ! The top attractions of the area are the tower of St. Bartholomew’s church, the Vysociny & Zamek museum and for our little ones the monster museum ! We recommend returning to the capital before sunset, otherwise you can stay overnight in one of the hotels in the city ! Finally, don’t forget a visit to the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a small replica of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, to light a candle !

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