Thessaloniki, Greece

NOESIS Planetarium Thessaloniki, Greece

The Planetarium of Thessaloniki is one of the most remarkable places of interest for families with children and not only!

Noesis Thessaloniki Planetarium With Children Greece

Our visit to NOESIS (Thessaloniki Planetarium) was truly an unforgettable experience both for me as a fan of the night sky and astronomy and for my son Spyros!

A range of very interesting activities will delight the children and they won’t want to leave! Starting from permanent and temporary exhibitions to dome or cosmotheatre and simulator displays, will take you and your children into the world of space and physics!

Noesis Thessaloniki Planetarium With Children Greece

“Planetarium Thessaloniki NOESIS”

The videos are in Greek and very understandable for primary school children and very impressive! They will take you on a journey and fill you with knowledge! We really highly recommend it!

Among the highlights we recommend the explanation of the changes of the seasons of the year through a children’s movie, the world of the dinosaurs of Patagonia (3D) and of course the simulator!!!


One may have read about red giants and white dwarfs, meteorite falls and black holes. But he never saw the birth and death of a star in front of him. Nor did he have the opportunity to watch the Big Bang closely. Or admire the shades of Saturn’s rings.

On the panoramic, vaulted screen of the Planetarium, a new, magical world unfolds in front of the viewer. A world that is familiar and friendly. Our planetary system. Our galaxy. The universe.

With an external diameter of 25m and an internal diameter of 18m, with 150 sloping positions and equipped with projectors and computers of the latest digital technology, the Planetarium of NOISIS provides the best conditions for a magical journey away from the laws of gravity.

For those who deal systematically with astronomy, it may be primarily educational, but it also offers the uninitiated visitor a unique opportunity. To enjoy, in a unique way the beauty of discovering the secrets of heaven.

For spectators over 5 years.

Noesis Thessaloniki Planetarium With Children Greece

“Planetarium Thessaloniki NOESIS”

Cosmotheater 3D

The Cosmotheatre or giant screen cinema is one of the most impressive rooms of “NOESIS” and one of the best screening rooms in Europe.

It’s not just the size of the space or the flat giant screen, 17m high and 23m wide (the largest in Greece), nor the absolutely clear digital speaker “DTS dobly surround”, produced by 30 speakers and 11 amplifiers, that make the monitoring of a film at the World Theater unique experience. It is the feeling that you are really there. At the top of Mount Everest or in the underground galleries of the tombs of Egyptian kings, in the depths of the Pacific next to dolphins or the Norwegian fjords, ready for a free fall into the void. Whatever movie you choose to watch, the Cosmotheatre guarantees you an incredible experience, a unique journey.
This room also screens 3D (3D) movies, the future of audiovisual entertainment.

For spectators over 5 years.

Noesis Thessaloniki Planetarium With Children GreeceNoesis Thessaloniki Planetarium With Children GreeceSimulator

\We hover for a while on the surface of the Moon – the lack of gravity makes us lose our balance for a moment – and then we swim next to a white shark. The submarine is a few meters behind us, when a rushing wave drags us to the jaws of the sea whale. The journey has just begun. From the depths of the ocean to the surface of the Moon and then with dizzying speed to the galleries of a mine. There are no limits.

Noesis Thessaloniki Planetarium With Children Greece

“Planetarium Thessaloniki NOESIS”

The 18 specially designed positions of the “NOESIS” Simulator, are the means for similar unique experiences. Installed on 3 six-seater vehicles, which move synchronously with the projected three-dimensional (3D) or two-dimensional (2D) spectacle, they create in the viewer conditions of precise simulation. The feeling is unique.

Caution: For security reasons, entry under the age of 7 is not allowed. Minimum allowed height is 1.20 m.


Noesis Thessaloniki Planetarium With Children Greece

“Planetarium Thessaloniki NOESIS”

Daily Individual and Daily Family – NEW ticket categories (Valid only on weekends and holidays)

• Daily individual ticket regular: 12 €
• Daily individual ticket reduced: 8 €
• Daily family ticket 1 parent and 2 children: 27 €
• Daily family ticket 2 parents and 1 child: 30 €
• Daily family ticket (4 members): 35 €
• Additional family member after 4 members: 5 € for each additional member

Days and hours of operation for the public

NOESIS is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday.

From Tuesday to Friday the screening program is formed by the reservations of school groups.

Weekend opening hours

Early September – Late June: Saturday and Sunday 11.00 – 19.00
Late June – Early September: Saturday & Sunday 18.00 – 22.00

As the program is often subject to change, please see the above paragraph and related link for the hours of screenings and other activities.

During the year
Closed every Monday.

Holidays that the Center operates:
January 6 (Epiphany), October 28, December 26 (second day of Christmas).

For the specific opening hours of the above holidays, see the screening program above or call 2310 483000.

Every Monday (except December 26th and January 2nd in case Monday falls), New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Shrove Monday, March 25th, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Holy Spirit, August 15th, Eve and on Christmas day.

Group bookings
The attendance of spectacles by school or other groups is done after contacting the reservation department, from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 13:00, at the phone 2310 483000, extension 2, Fax: 2310 483020.

Screening rooms and movies
Magical journeys in the world of knowledge and science in the spectacular venues of NOESIS. The modern means of audiovisual technology enter the service of man and the spectacle halls of the Foundation, open their gates wide to welcome visitors of all ages, who want to experience impressive experiences.

Noesis Thessaloniki Planetarium With Children Greece