Best Attractions To Visit In Wolfgangsee, Austria

You will definitely have a fantastic time arriving at Wolfgangsee and exploring all the wonderful places around! See what you can expect from your holiday in Lake Wolfgang Salzkammergut!

Wolfgangsee in Austria also called Lake Wolfgang is a truly beautiful place and one of the best attractions to visit in Austria: stunning scenery on the shore of the world-famous Schafberg, crystal clear lakes, plenty of culture and history. Whether you choose hiking, cycling or water sports, Lake Wolfgangsee is a real paradise for nature lovers.

St. Wolfgang at Wolfgangsee (Lake Wolfgang)

Im Weissen Rössl

Above all, the most popular hotel of the city is the hotel «Im Weissen Rössl» which is well known from the operetta “At the White Horse Inn”. The hotel is located on the shore of Lake Wolfgang and so it is really lovely and offers great views of the lake and the mountains. The whole landscape is like something out of a fairy tale and staying in this place felt a bit like time travel – for more than 500 years, guests have been welcomed in this wonderful hotel.

The legendary heated pool floating in the lake is also fantastic. Whether it’s winter or summer, the 30° heated pool invites you for a pleasant swim! Another thing that made the “At the White Horse Inn” experience exceptional is the delicious breakfast overlooking the lake. The hotel is a combination of traditional and modern, full of character and history and we really enjoyed our stay there.

In addition, the service was extremely friendly and welcoming from the moment we checked in to the moment we left the hotel. Definitely this hotel is one of the best places to stay in Wolfgangsee in Austria!

Wolfgangsee Top Attractions and Activities in Austria, Road Trip

Village St. Wolfgang

Lake Wolfgangsee is named after the famous village of St. Wolfgang , a place of pilgrimage dating back to the Middle Ages. The picturesque village with its alpine colourful houses and historic hotels like ” Im Weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee” is definitely one of the best places to visit in Austria . As you walk around, you can see many traditional shops offering unique local products. If you need a break, just relax in one of the wonderful cafes and enjoy the unique atmosphere! From Kalvarienberg you will have a stunning view of the lake, the surrounding mountains and down to St. Wolfgang.

Best Things To Do In Wolfgangsee, Austria

Wolfgangsee boat ride

Taking a boat ride on the Wolfgangsee is not only a beautiful experience, it is also a very useful way to get around between the main villages of St Wolfgang, Strobl and St Gilgen. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The first steam boat on the Wolfgangsee was the steamer Kaiser Franz Josef I and was first used in 1873. You should take a cruise on this steamer.

Schafberg & Schafberg Railway

The ride on the red Schafbergbahn, a cog railway, up to the Schafberg is one of the best things to do while you are in the Wolfgangsee area ! The views on the way up the mountain and from the top are unbeatable – a mountain hut built next to the steep rock walls, turquoise sparkling lakes and mountain scenery as far as the eye can see.

The cog railway takes you up to 1734 meters, so make sure you bring warm clothes. If you want to hike, we recommend using the trails leading to the summit cross and Himmelspforte. You also have the option to walk back from Schafbergspitze to Schafbergalm (1 hour) and continue by train to the lake.

Wolfgangsee Top Attractions and Activities in Austria, Road Trip

St. Gilgen

The beautiful little town of St. Gilgen is located in the northwestern part of Lake Wolfgangsee and is also known as “The Mozart town on the Wolfgangsee” (WA Mozart’s grandfather and Mozart’s mother lived in St. Gilgen). Best to take a pleasant stroll and enjoy the village atmosphere. In summer you can also bring your swimsuit – you will surely love the relaxed atmosphere on lake lido! St. Gilgen is equally well known for the picturesque Ochsenkreuz nearby and also the 12-Horn cable car departs from the village centre.


The iconic “ox cross” of Ochsenkreuz is located on a small island on Lake Wolfgangsee, near St. Gilgen, and perhaps one of the most impressive spots on the lake.  At that place the water is crystal clear with Caribbean colours and from the hiking trail you will have a great view up to the cross. The shrine on the picturesque island tells the legend of a butcher and his ox.

Ochsenkreuz can be reached within a short 15-20 minute walk from the traditional wooden Hotel Fürberg , which is located right on the shore of Lake Wolfgang.

Hiking at Postalm

Postalm is the second highest plateau in Europe and with its beautiful alpine huts and native charm, it is one of our favourite hiking spots around the Wolfgangsee. Many trails criss-cross this area and hiking near the cows and horses excites both young and old alike. We took the yellow trail Nr. R3 “Wiesler- und Thoralm-Rundweg” which passes Postalmkapelle and offers a wonderful mountain scenery with many picturesque alpine chalets for a quick stop. The walking distance is about 2 hours and not relatively comfortable.

Wolfgangsee Top Attractions and Activities in Austria, Road Trip


Strobl is a quiet village on the south side of the lake and is very popular for water skiing in summer. Around the town, you will find many places to swim. In fact Strobl is a great place to stay and if you are looking for something special, you should check out the Hotel Brandauers . From the terrace you will have stunning views of Lake Wolfgang.

Swimming at Wolfgangsee

Lake Wolfgang is very popular for swimming for both locals and tourists. Around the lake you will find many swimming spots. Some places are free of charge, you just have to pay a parking fee. Swimming in the lake is really pleasant.

Wolfgangsee, Austria… Nature & Tradition in one place…

Wolfgangsee Top Attractions and Activities in Austria, Road Trip
Wolfgangsee Top Attractions and Activities in Austria, Road Trip

Where to Stay in Wolfgang Lake

First of all, there are actually 3 main areas to stay around Lake Wolfgang. All of them are really beautiful, so you can’t make any bad decisions. We loved our stay at the White Hourse Inn in St. Wolfgang, but anyway there are many amazing traditional Austrian hotels around the lake.

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